TLDR: Today, we announce the transformation of Hopin into a multiproduct suite with the upcoming launch of our new product Session, the release of StreamYard On-Air and Podcasting, and updates to Hopin Events and other products in the Hopin Suite. In 2023, Hopin will be cash-flow positive, growing, and well-capitalized while continuing to build its suite of products focused on helping businesses engage and connect with their customers.

– – – 

I founded Hopin with the vision to connect people in community experiences that power businesses. 

We decided to tackle this vision starting in the virtual events industry in 2019. The pandemic struck and generated massive demand for our solutions. We reacted quickly and hyper-scaled to meet this demand, hiring aggressively to build and deliver world-class experiences for our customers. However, as market conditions shifted in late 2021, we made the difficult decision to scale down some parts of the business, become cash flow positive, and maintain our strong balance sheet, keeping Hopin grounded in a well-capitalized position, so that we could continue moving forward with our plan to be one of the leading builders and acquirers, innovating in customer engagement.

Throughout 2020 and 2021, we leaned into our broader vision and leveraged significant customer feedback to make strategic investments into adjacent markets, particularly in live video and community engagement. Internally, we referred to this as “planting seeds.”

Despite headwinds of our own missteps, shifting consumer behavior, impending recession, and tightening budgets, we kept building and these seeds are already growing rapidly. This year, Hopin transforms from a one product company to a multiproduct suite. 

We are uniquely positioned to play a role in the next decade of customer engagement, offering our customers an innovative suite of best-in-class video interaction and community experience products.

Today, I’m proud to share the updates we are announcing over the coming weeks.

  • Introducing Session. Session is a new webinar and meetings product by Hopin, designed to be fun, lightweight, and interactive. We’ve been building Session quietly over the last two years and now we’re excited to open up early access at as we approach launch in the coming weeks. Hundreds of our customers have already happily adopted Session in addition to Hopin Events, to create a stronger lifecycle community experience. Visit to learn more.
  • StreamYard On-Air. StreamYard is announcing StreamYard On-Air, allowing creators to live stream professional video to their own websites. On-Air is as stable and accessible as platforms like YouTube Live, but with the branding and flexibility to match our customers’ brands. StreamYard On-Air comes with an embeddable player, simple registration and landing pages, high quality video whether you’re streaming to 100 or 100,000 people, no downloads and great performance for viewers on any device. Look for it later this year.
  • StreamYard Podcasting. StreamYard just released Local Recordings where creators can now locally record separate smooth, high-quality audio and video tracks for each participant, enabling post-production of professional podcasts, videos, and other content. Visit to learn more.
  • The next evolution of Streamable. We’re investing in our video hosting service, Streamable, evolving it into a feature-rich video platform for creators and companies. Acquired by Hopin in 2020, Streamable makes it extremely easy to host and share videos online and is one of the largest video platforms with billions of views a year.
  • More flexibility for Hopin Events: With the learnings from tens of thousands of events with millions of attendees, we are changing pricing and offerings so organizers who want to run just one event can do so without any annual commitments. We are also unbundling the Hopin Events platform to give organizers more flexibility and choice. 
  • The unveiling of “Project C.” We have more seeds in the lab with a new product codenamed Project C launching its waitlist. Come learn more and claim your spot at

This is the beginning of a new chapter for Hopin. We started before the pandemic, hyper-scaled to meet our customers’ needs, and learned a lot, planting the seeds for an even stronger future with greater efficiency. Now is that time. We have a strong runway, a cash-flowing business, millions of users, a passionate team, and a big market opportunity ahead of us. Personally, I’m excited to build with a greater focus than we’ve ever had before with our multiproduct suite.